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Author joe_kapow
Tags author:joe_kapow dda rated
Created 2006-05-13
by 17 people.
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Description Press 1 before starting. I decided to give N a break approximately 2 months back, but when I casually looked upon the page (2 months later) I was shocked. All the DDAs I could see were crap. Hey, I'm not saying they all were, just about 97% of them. So being the ever-well meaning samaritan, I decided to submit my latest greatest. I ain't saying its a perfect DDA, but compared to some of the new stuff, its alright. To all the DDAers out there try to put a bit more work into your maps. Although I think this map is too short for my liking, I like the lack of spammage of launchpads and gold-delay. 1 amazing close call you should check out: use frame-by-frame by the first thwump ride. Please rate and comment. Feedback would be best, I'm a little rusty from the deprivation of N.

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thanks for the comments. Ill definitely make the next one stronger and longer. thats exactly what I was looking for.


i agree with korbachev


i know wat u mean i had my last dda in the top 3 and it got sniped


Well it's pretty good. The close calls are great. But it wasn't very consistant. A weak 3.5


It was nice really, cool and fanstastic close calls, possibly could have been longer.


I sort of kicked myself back into DDA mode too, with my new Launchless. You had a bunch of very nice close calls in here too.


how true. 4.5


you decide to look at all my other maps, pay no attention to the scores. They all were taken down 1 or 2 points after being ravaged by snipers. One of the many reasons I left N.