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Author joe_kapow
Tags author:joe_kapow dda rated
Created 2006-02-25
by 17 people.
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Description PRESS 1 BEFORE STARTING! I made this while listening to "Politician " by cream. Looking back on it, it kind of looks like you're looking down on a fat politician. I guess. whatever. Some good close calls. A little gold-delay, not too many launchpads and no edited launchpads. I'm kind of getting sick of them. I wish I could have made it a bit longer,but I didn't. I realize I've been throwing out a fair amount of DDA's lately. The reason: There is nohing to do in Watertown, South Dakota. Please comment and rate. Oh, and sorry about that N-art. I was stupid.

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me like
see my dda plz
but I'm leanin' to the right.


This is easily one of the best DDAs I've seen in a while. There is never a dull moment here, which is why I like it.
Please check out my DDA, I'd appreciate your comments


a bit short, but i see your maps have improved a lot since your first DDA!