N's Snuff Film

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Author joe_kapow
Tags author:joe_kapow dda rated
Created 2006-03-29
Last Modified 2006-03-29
by 18 people.
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Description Press 1 before playing.
N is out to kill all the rockets in the world and makes a film of it. Plenty of close calls, and different propulsions though i wish it wa longer. very nicely paced, in my opinion. Please rate and comment this and my other maps. Also I couldn't help the fake-deaths, sorry.

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about my new one?


nicely done with the many enemies and close calls 4.5/5 oh and plz see my dda called "hold right"



Has no personality to it. Nothing to remeber it by. If you look at all of the top DDA's you'll noticed what I mean. Although making a tileless DDA is easier, it just makes it bland. 3/5


theres like a billion fake deaths, no exaggeration. 4.5/5


AND I'M 2nd!!! YAYS!!!

but yours deserves to be there... i'm replaying this level for the 8th time.. u're brill


not better than improbability drive, and definitely not a long shot


This beats the improbability drive by a long shot.
I think it was only rated so high because of the name ;)
Not long til we see this at the top of the DDA list. 5/5 & faved.

Could you try mine out? It was submitted just before yours. I need the advice.