N vs. The Funnel

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Author pindicator
Tags author:pindicator dda rated
Created 2006-04-25
by 20 people.
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Description N might think it would be easy to reach the bottom of the funnel, but the way of the ninja is not always down!

After a brief respit, here is my third DDA timing in at 61 seconds. It is more conventional than my previous efforts, and I have tried to increase the speed and amount of close calls N receives through the map.

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just ooh. gold delay. so so close to getting my 5!

hot damn!

good DDA.
very good.

Gold Delay

I agree that I used too much. The next one will have a lot less of them -- I think they're a crutch that most people use in creating DDAs.

(However, the give and take of gold delays is that they are very useful for setting up the close calls that people love in DDAs.)


good but not ur best.


It's way too much gold delay. But I won't, so I give you a five. (Very close to 4.5, but it's still highest.

Very cool.

5 out of 5.

kick ass

awesome work