N vs. The Gold Miners

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Author pindicator
Tags author:pindicator dda rated
Created 2005-09-09
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description Thwumps have been mining gold, and N is going in for a quick snatch and grab. But the thwumps won't let him get it so easily.

This DDA is timed at 1:54, a bit longer than most. It does slow-down for a little bit in the middle, but I think it is a step up from my first. My favorite parts are the upper right corner and the thwumps in the middle.

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it does not deserve this rating. honestly, it deserves a 5/5 and nothing less .
great dda m8


perfect 5/5


i used to rate dda's nicely, cause i cant make em, but now i rate em down, cause i cant make em. understand? wait, now i dont.


sweetness 4.5/5

I'll take B

Nah, I'm not going to resubmit just cause of one guy's bad day. I do appreciate the constructive crit, astro. I had wanted to throw even more in towards the end (10 sec or so more) including more trap door and jump propulsion, but the map is at the point where adding even more gold seemed to mess with the bot and turret firing.

I will try to do more with door propulsion in the next. It's more restrictive than basic jump pads. In fact, I've been thinking up a DDA of all trap door propulsion, kind of like those annoying all trap door maps that take forever to get through, but it should be just as unpredictable and yet actually entertaining.

i like it

i think this deserved a 4.5 coz it was long and had good thwump propulsion

What a retarded rating. Three? Come on...
I suggest that you:
A) Resubmit
B) Don't care about it


I thought this was pretty damn good, and I certainly don't think this deserves a two. I can easily make a map in fifteen minutes that gets a higher rating than two, coldcut. DDAs take much, much, much, longer to make. By the way theres just a way with this DDA that makes me enjoy it a lot. The only way for me to not like repetition is if a part was played, then that was immediately repeated.
But if there's stuff in between repetitions I have no problem. You used some trap door propulsion, but try putting even more.



funny, i always considered re-using parts in slight variation in DDAs a good quality when rating them.


same as them, it has its moments but its repetative.



boring, but it had its moments. also i decided to start rating dda's tougher, sorry i had to start with you. you only get a 2.

very nice.

cool thwump movement and good planning, it's just that it is a bit repetitive. the same bits are used over and over again. good overall though.