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Author pindicator
Tags author:pindicator dda rated
Created 2005-08-29
by 10 people.
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Description My first DDA, this one is timed at 80 seconds. Considerable help comes from Squidgy, whose touch you should especially notice in the thwumps.


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Yeah I noe. The gold sucked.


well the part i didnt like was the kinda long wait but man this was a good DDA 4.5/5

Ninjas love gold!

Co'mon... it's better than random piles of gold lying around always masking a spring or switch...

...even though that's what I do usually...


I'm feeling generous.

This was a very nice DDA. Some parts were brilliant. And no parts sucked, so why not go all the way and give it a 5?


Lol. I didn't like the gold...
Too much of anything is bad. Works for everything in life.
And everything else is fine... 4/5
I want more action (I'm pretty demanding)

Rate the map as is

His help was mostly in consultation. However, a lot of the thwumps in the lower left were of his making; other parts there are odds and ends where I would say what I wanted to do and he just knew how to do it better and quicker than me trying out different combinations.

I don't care if his parts are better than mine. I honestly expect them to be. Oh, and he says he wants credit for the switch that springs N from the upper right to the left.


Pretty good. But I don't know how much SquidgY helped you so I can't rate really...