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Author monopole
Tags action author:monopole bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2006-04-21
by 96 people.
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Description "...and as rosy fingered dawn's rays strucketh the gossamer strands, the pendant beads of dew did gloweth like golden jewels..."

You can go clockwise or counterclockwise...

This map was featured on 2008-09-30

I'm not much for spiders. I think it's the speed of the things. And they're uncanny agility. And so many eyes. Well, let's put it this way, for this map, you're going to need all of those attributes and more. The map is like one of those women off Gladiators (the older series was better - obv.); it looks lovely, but before you know where you are, it's wielding a great rubber stick and you're soon falling off that pedestal you were having so much fun looking down from. And much like Gladiators, this map is one of my favourites. — mintnut

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Inner workings


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this is one sweet map. Faved.


Looking awesome, gameplay is great and isn't linear, it deserves to be featured, really.

this feature

should be featured. Great review, great level.

OMFG finally

this map was so freaking addicting and annoying at the same time. damn this demo took me like 10000 tries. only nutcases would go for an AGD here^^
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Demo Data
is excellent. Good writing Mallard :)


Pretty good!!!

Best review EVER.


im in love with

this spider...


Ever heard of a demo? He posted one at the bottom of the page. This map is completely possible.


i think i agree. that would be the best review i had ever read, if only the grammar were better.

map looks cool; shall soon play it.


you just can't beat it.


It's Impossible to complete! though it's really cool! i think you should rather have saved it under N art


r u mentleally ill thats like impossible lol


This was amazing. I finally beat it after 37 tries, literally (I counted). I got clockwise, but can't get counter-clockwise. I love the tileset and think it could only be better if the spider had been slightly smaller, and the web more intracet



LMAO @blue_tetris

But seriously, what the heck? "Wide open spaces"? "Easy jumping opportunities"? Are we talking about the same map here?

Anyway, as for the map, it's surprisingly fun given that it's harder than hell. I almost got a counter-clockwise completion but the rocket got me :(


but i prefer levels that i can actually beat... oh nvm don't listen to me i'm a newbie anyway. i've only made it to episode 24. 4.5 (surprising from a person who loves n art eh?)
Beautiful... And I think the quote is from The Oddysey. not much of a fan of the gameplay, but that's mostly because it's to difficult for me...
What I meant it that while the gameplay is sort of weak that aspect is still reasonably good while the rest of the map is amazing.

Love it

Though the gameplay is weak it is still enjoyable. 4.5/5
But I'm kind of indifferent to the game play. IMO this would have been better off as a plain N Art. I just don't find it fun to play, and the lack of demoes by anyone but you, monopole hints towards this.

Fantasic tiles and overall visual please-er-ment, but the game play needs to be more engaging.


has an anurism trying to comprehend greatness





Thanks everyone

Here's the other way to run the course. This is definitely the way to go for getting all the gold. I'm shy by two pieces though...
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yea I know...

3rd map...and You're kickin Numa A$$!!

oh and

i will be looking out for later maps from you.


it seems a bit to good to me...but yeah.5/5


Perfect rating? 3rd Map? You got it made.



5/5 and favd

AMAZING tileset. fun and challenging. i love it.


Amazing to the eye, I'll check the gameplay.


its ok, kinda easy and most rockets are easy to dodge with such wide open spaces and easy jumping opportunities...

using doors to protect is ok...they seemed overused, but not i bad places... 5/5

A demo

Here's the counterclockwise route, which I believe is a bit easier...maybe...
Demo Data
even though it isn't art....WOW....Incredible... I'll will play and rate in a bit.