Sendy Valley

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Author formica
Tags action author:formica playable rated
Created 2006-04-08
Last Modified 2006-04-08
by 21 people.
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Description Dedicated to quite possibly my favourite author of all time, leaving (sob) NUMA.

I'm trying to mimic her style at least a little, and tried to create a Sendy- esque room based journey around the map.

Anyway, here's to you, Sendy. Have a great life.

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Very fun.

that little drone bit on the left especially. Nice one
Demo Data


and am proud


Beautiful, beautiful tileset. great gameplay. hate to see sendy leave.... even if just for a while.... 5/5


FYI: Sweet + w00t = Sw00t

This computer won't run it smoothly so I can't play/rate (but I can drool over the aesthetics ;) - I even tried turning off all the programs in the task bar and wotnot, to no avail. It only runs the simplest maps - really frustrating.

Anyweigh, I'm still around, and I'm sure I'll be back mapping after a fair while. Some people might mock and take the high-ground (or, they may not), but I'm just a human and when enough things pile up to make something not fun (computer, plummeting author placing, perhaps a little burn-out), there's a need to stop.

Anyway, thanks Formica. You know you were an inspiration to me ever since I totally ripped off your Death Star map! See you 'round...
come on people! this is an amazing map! VOTE!

Yo 9400

I beat this map before anyone had even commented. Most N maps aren't that long. 2 minutes is 4800 frames. This map is not nearly that long.

nuh uh...

i played it pretty good. i justlove it. thats it. SO SHUTUP!... j/j.
You only played it for 2 minutes.

I shall play it now.

i love this...

she's one of my favs, too. i think i speak for everybody when i say that we'll miss her and her maps... ALOT. anyway, great job. 5/5 and favd.