Heartbeat and sails

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Author formica
Tags action author:formica bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2006-04-03
by 77 people.
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Description One of my favourite maps I've ever made... It's also from the LA3^3 levelpack, and it's inspired by the Augie March song of the same name.

(Anyway. It's episode 5, level 3, if you're interested.)

This map was featured on 2009-08-20

Remember Dread Pirate Rackham []? Well, he's back and you're on his ship.
Step forward and jump from the bow. Dodge the scurvy-ridden First Mates and glide across the masts of this vessel. Sneak across Rackham's cabin, only to find yourself avoiding the truckload of mines. Plenty of booty lay in the treacherous nook and crannies as well.
Navigate your way through this hazardous one-of-a-kind-ship crafted by formica to reach the sanctuary of your choice: Davy Jone's Locker or a dance with Jack Ketch. — T3chno

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i dont like it

its too hard

Great review

Very well written, T3chno.


an instant 5aved. Great tiles, great gameplay... especiallly the flag too =D


its tricky there.
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I would have liked to be more inside the ship, rather that around the edges, but then that would involve modifying the pretty tiles and would probably ruin it...
AGD awesome map
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It looks nice

But I found it impossible to maneuver about in.

nice map

i wasnt expecting it to be as nice as it was.

Very good map

epic fail demo
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fantastic, beautifully crafted map.

great map, and that review made this feel like such an adventure
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Decent AGD

Definitely 5aved.
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One word: Fantastic.


awsome map
nice review
I love how it carries on from the last one.

A good review for a great map :D

mad map


Good job!

Congratulations! I think, how many time you spent to create this map...
mean to get hanged in pirate terms, by the way.


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this map

should be in the actual game,its that good


fun to play
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great tileset. it must have taken you a while to get all of the angles right.
I love it! you are a master, and the tileset is beautiful. so great... 5/5 and faved.


well not really.
It's just the cheap way
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This has plummeted from around map 4 or 5 to below the top 100 or so, in one fell swoop.

Without a comment.

I violently dislike snipers.

good job

thats pretty awesome. 4.5/5

great map

Almost all gold

Died at the end
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very nice

very nice may, love the tileset, wish i could make tilesets like it, 5/5 and added to favorites

I find it cruel

That you make something as brilliant as this just before I begin work on my "Carribean" map for the nationality contest...