Courage and Stupidity

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Author formica
Tags author:formica bitesized playable rated survival
Created 2006-04-07
Last Modified 2006-04-07
by 51 people.
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Description For Sketch.

A survival, of sorts... more an endurance and mental test, to see just how much you're willing to risk to get just a little more gold...

This is the sequel of "nerves".


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0.5/5, because I hate the author... JK, I give it a 5/5. I got to the 4th door or something but I was playing it on user levels (hey, it's called a userlevel).
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my. god.

Wow dude

This map is way too easy!
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Aw shiz.

Demo Data


cool map, but even cooler is the start of cheese_gods latest demo!


cool map, but even cooler is the start of sheese_gods latest demo!


That's all I can say lol.
INCREDIBLE map. I love prisoner maps and this one took it to new height.
Considering I'm not very good at the game, I managed to get to the 3rd door, and decided not to chance it any further!
If i could give 6/5, i would, but unfortunately I cant - i'll have to settle for 5.
Maybe i'll have another go now and see how far i can get.
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Way faster

In case you havent watched them, these are all cheated.
Demo Data

much faster

farthest exit.
Demo Data

Speed demo

Working on a faster one.
Demo Data

Holy crackers!

That was crazy!!
I got farther once, but forgot to save the demo...grr
oh well heres what I got after like 20 min.
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Great Map

I said it already, but its worth saying it again: Great Map!


My. Faveorite. map. Ever.


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First Try.

I'll get there.

Thanks, guys!

A quick note, though- I decided to make the hardest (... at least, to me) section right at the beggining, then keep a relatively consistant difficulty (rather than to try for a classic comp-style map), so... if you're having difficulty getting up, don't worry too much. If you do get up, it's easier from there.


What a great map. One of the best prisoner maps I've ever seen. You really hit the spot with this one.


Best prisoner map ever. I can't play it though, only watch the demo.

...and wow

that demo of yours made me realise how amazing this map was

...the next one

Demo Data

easiest door

... too lazy to go for other doors
Demo Data

Looking Great!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it, i have to go now but when i get home this will be my #1 priority! Can't wait!


Doesn't get all gold, but goes to the furthest possible exit.
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