Good Night and Good Luck

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Author wcvandal
Tags action author:wcvandal bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-04-01
Last Modified 2006-04-01
by 24 people.
Map Data

Description This is it. My final map. The magnum opus of my entire career. I recently broke up with my girlfriend and i'm commited to shedding everything that is keeping me shackled to my less than enviable past. That means no more wasted hours and hours spent playing and making maps. make any suggestions that you feel are necessary for this map. after it is complete, i will never return to Numa again. Feel free to change or use any of my old maps, i will not be checking up on them.

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I agree..

too many enemies. Not his best map :(
but it's awkward as hell.

Good luck

and you will be missed.

I hope you the best of luck with everything and I hope you and your girl gets things figured out.
everyone has there calling. which is great, but only if persude in greatness. have an amazing life wcvandal.

I'll miss ya, man

Have a great life. I'll remember you for that streak of 10 or so races a while back that I loved. Good luck in life.


atob, this map has been sitting in my old maps file for a long time. but i can see why you would think that. nice map by Matn


sorry bout your girl friend dude. i liked your maps. shame to see you go


Where credit's due.
Great map. Good bye and good luck.


I see what you mean... You'll be missed.


but i needed to set my priorities strait

1 question

was the breaking up cos of numa?

ahh well

thus the exodus of numa. Well good for you then.