All-Star Series: Like A Roaming Cucumber

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Author wcvandal
Tags action author:wcvandal playable rated
Created 2006-03-06
Last Modified 2006-03-07
by 10 people.
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Description This is my newest map in the All-Star Series ( ), and is my take on the style and construction of some of littleviking001's maps. I haven't played n in some time, so i want comments on this map, expecially from LITTLEVIKING001 himself. Enjoy.

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The bottom right and several minor aesthetic issues keep this from being believable. Not a bad attempt by any means though.


But fantastic. It's like LV made it himself.
I also love the name :).
The action is great and it has a flow to it.

3 buttons

this is as far as i can get.
the drones aren't that hard.
the top left button surrounded by mines is pretty difficult
Demo Data
youd think id be able to get it...but i cant seem to...
since i usually find patterns and work with them...and ic ant find it...
everytime i find a good one, something goes wrong...
and having to beat the drones constantly is insanely hard...
i had to get rid of the switch to practice...
or give it to me...cuz i really like it...


hard, so fun. btw nemetacyst, those demos are amazing. post the final one would ya'


dang this map is hard

Much too cluttered.

The top left and bottom right aren't very LV-like at all. Stylistically, you did an alright job, but it couldn't have been too hard, considering you directly lifted designs.
I think you need to make the top area more accessible, remove the whole bottom right, and rework the top left.

oh cmon

i dont get praise for my other good demos???

nothing at all???


i think i'm done...

theres only one part left...and thats after you get the drone switch...soooo...ill leave that to somebody else...i dont feel like doing the drones again right now...that was crazy...i'd rather marvel at how i did it...
*copies demo to go watch a few more dozen times* heh...


for top right thing

easy, and FAST way to get it...theres one problem though, to do it, youd have to wait for themt o go around, cuz u ahve to do the drones and floor gaurd first...before it comes to the left side...screwing you over...

i really like this lvl, can u tell???
Demo Data


was there supposed to be something there????

watch the hought there was something behind the thwump...but was very confused when tehre wasnt...whats the point of that part???
Demo Data
i wanna look good! not like im a retard jumping to avoid nothing...

its very possible, i liked it alot!!!


i take it back, heres another part of it, what i think is the next hardest problably...wasnt anywhere nearly as hard as the drones i demod...

heres the floor gaurd...
Demo Data


nemetacyst, thats a great demo that you have. i actually took out two of the drones at the bottom because i thought that it was too hard, but your demo has given me confidence to put them back


I can't believe LV didn't make this. I love it.


hard level, i beat the bottem, heres the demo of that, plus a little of the top in which i screwed up...but no more demos from me...ill leave the rest to others...i think the bottem part is the hardest im kinda satisifed with getting through that with a demo...
Demo Data

thank you

is the level fun as well?


the name is awesome