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Author starburst
Tags author:starburst featured playable race rated
Created 2006-02-10
by 49 people.
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Description I hope that nobody got this idea before. You have to run up five times.
I'll post a demo soon.
Please rate and comment and enjoy and post good demos!!!
If you find a way to cheat or if you find a bug:
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This map was featured on 2010-03-26

At first glance, up to the top may not look all that appealing. However, the cluttered objects and barebones tiles are a good fit for this map, because they're exactly what this map is not about. This is a race map. This is a map you play for the rush of speed, the split-second jumps, the thrills and spills. The chaotic item placement is in fact a perfect match for the frenzied gameplay presented, and I would not have it any other way. — toasters

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There were a few awkward, rough and less than fun parts, but on the whole I thought this was enjoyable and well constructed.

feature worthy

bad ending though

better AGD

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screwed up at one point. really really cool though, great choice and great review toasters :) nice
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I very enjoyed this.
Unlike every race ever these days.

And wow

this map is rather strange...


Fastest proper route.
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Hi, I'm fred

I have a huge penis!


I was just about to say that, Epigone.
definitely at the forefront of new wave race mapping :D

I remember when I used to make races like this. :D

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The golden days

of race making




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It's like it was meant for speed.
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loving this old-school style.


Finally a BETTER REVIEW. No offense, my robotic masters.


new map

Oh, this is one of my favorite old-school races ever made. toasters, you really need to actually feature this one of these days. starburst was great.


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im rating it 2 coz it sucked

I rated you 5/5 (u deserved it) and it got you up half a rating! am i great or am i great!?


needs to be bitesized!

dude ur map deserves 5/5's all the way. totally sniped by someone, repost man u deserve it. 5/5, faved

That's just cool!!!

How wonderfull!!! It goes clearly to the favourite list with the rate 5\5


Did someone snipe this?

very fun race

i like the quick changes in direction.. keeps it interesting
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im sollmans buddy

here is a demo w/ no screw ups..just a mere minute after his.....oh well enjoy and this was a very good race and the path was awesome...not so easy that u could beat it on your first try but u could figure it out after a few trys
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hey hey...

not bad.. i love it.... new favorites on the list.... overall i had quite a few screw ups... but since i am racing a buddy on first demo i gotta post anyway... overall... tricky.. fast... and fun 4.5/5
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It's well done, but the ways are not clear IMO.

here is the demo

not very fast
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