feel dizzy

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Author starburst
Tags author:starburst bitesized playable race rated
Created 2006-01-31
by 60 people.
Map Data

Description I found no better name for this. Sorry.

This is a long and exciting race but it's not very hard. If you find a way to cheat or if you find a bug, please write a comment.
At the beginning, you shouldn't hold right directly. If you do this, the twump will start earlier and it will kill you later.
If you are fast enough, the laser drone won't kill you.

And don't forget:
Please rate it!
Please write comments! (So I know what's good and what's not good.)
Please post (fast) demos!

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5 again

good manp

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Christ sake!

This keeps happening. Im not keen on the object placement either.
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tough and weird


COOL 5/5

man that blew my head off!!


But the twump is annoying

Such a nice map.

Fun, fun, fun, 5/5
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Nice Job

One of the best race maps I've ever played.

uh huh......

so i was going so fast i went faster than your level can handle... i outa ran the laser around the arch and came back and he had not had enough time to get outa my way.... so i got ZAPPED lmao... awesome level everytime i play!!!
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first demo and here is a second... nothing like goign so fast you have to wait for the level to cathc up with you ;)..
again... AWESOME RACE!!!!
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How did you come up with such an awesome map dude?
ive been playing it for hours
i think my eyes are starting to bleed
oh and here is my demo hehe
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nice map.

5/5. Nice indeed.
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5/5 as usual

i loved it as usual
its a great race map as usual
and heres a peothetic demo as usual
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the best race i've ever played. so long and... exciting. took me a while to get this demo. i gave it 4.5/5
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This is the first good race map I've seen in a while. 4.5 out of 5. Other than the one part in the beginning where I didn't quite jump too far, i think It was a good run for me :)
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This is the best race map i have ever played.. a challenge and still fun to play.... KEEP IT UP... yea you should make action games i guess... but your races are #1 in my books... this is deffinatly going in the favorites.... ur the first map i have added..... 5/5 deffinatly (to Jethuth... eat it... i beat you to the demo :P)
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i understand

that you are a great race maker but you have yet to make an action map. Pretty soon this kind of race in going to become generic too and you will be screwed. Try some action maps even if you dont post them. It will help you in the long run.
Btw. Very good map.


you should place the ninja a bit further left with z-snap.