Rue the Whirl

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Author stepself
Tags action author:stepself bitesized episodic featured mines playable rated
Created 2006-01-30
Last Modified 2007-06-24
by 150 people.
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Description Level 07-4. Mine based. I like the tiles, but the gameplay I think is a little stilted. Let me know what you think.

This map was featured on 2013-02-01

Two stunningly beautiful women at my side fanning me with large gold-plated leaves; a feast in front of me fit for any king; and not to mention, all the riches I could ever imagine, all around me. Ah, this was indeed paradise.

Then, it all began to fade as the room started to spin and the ceiling blended inwards. Opening my eyes, I noticed only jagged cliffs and deadly mines awaited me.

I knew I should have done something about that lisp before rubbing the damn genie's lamp. After all, all I wanted for was to rule the world. — mistaken72

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what a beautiful map.
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i have to say

that is one of the coolest reviews i have ever read
great map too


is one of a kind......


stepself is king. A tile-set master.

Fastest completion (FBF reminder for those who normally get angry).
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5aved. Congrats stepself. (:
I would have forgotten about this since I hardly ever go through stepself's archive, great choice.
Drinks all around
It's still one of my top 5.

This whole episode was crazy. stepself was (probably still is) an astoundingly good designer.


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beyond limit!!
5/5 from me...
this demo is obviously underclocked... :p
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This is a really nice review and choice map combo!! Really cool!!
besides that, love the map, love the review. great job to both people

awesome review and map.
Much love to Tommy_Wiseau for helping me proofread this for some grammatical error that I never would've been able to spot myself. Thanks!

lovin' the review

it just sounds.... pleasant
nice feature


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this map really took me back.

I'm also a much better player now which personally gives this map a new, heart-racing element to it to get a clean run. (this run itself can still be done quicker, especially at the bottom - just watch jiggerjaw's demo.)
AGD and 5aved, of course.
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Oh, krusch.
And always will. I think newer map makers need to have a look at some of the 20k-100k range of maps, and hence the choice of review.
"The gameplay is a little stilted." Good and fun, but not awesome. Not by a lot.


slow, pathetic excuse for an agd is what we've got here.
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AGD First try


I give it a 3.5, not really very fun.
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i like this map...its cool :]
but still i dont think i can be beaten >:]
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But damn, it's really hard
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Nothing's funny, but who cares. It took me ages to beat this map, and I liked it, So i give it a 5/5
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I'm sorry

but in my eyes it's only worth a 3.5

here come the hate comments.....

it was also

rather innovational. when it was made, it was a very unique map. today, there have been so many copies that it's lost it's gandeur, but when it was released it was outstanding (IMO, it's still worth a 4.5)
But this map was from the 20's. meh. It's worth about 4.5 or 4 today. Mostly the tileset rocks.
great tileset but meh
Unfortunately, not a 5. 4.5/5
The tileset was amazing, but the gameplay just didn't absolutely amaze me. I still loved it though.

like totally

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I saw a hole...

And like any good N player (or porn star), I filled it.
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