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Created 2006-01-11
by 10 people.
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Description This level is a tribute to all the people who don't spell correctly on NUMA.

The first bit is sort of fast and you can't really see what's happening, but believe me, it did take a while to do.

Please rate. Comments are appreciated. I hope you enjoy it.

P.S. Could every-one make an effort to use good spelling and grammar?

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Me is liking this aolt becuase ti is relly asweome!!11!!1!
Just kidding...i really would like to appriciate you for making a level dedicated to bad spelling, because it really bothers me as well.
And now the DDA ::drum roll:: it was very well made, although i really hate launchpads. but you used them very well. 4.5/5


You know I was thinking of you ,Doghouse, when I made this. I wondered if you would make the connection.


Its says d for dictionary and d for dogohouse!!!!!


yup, a tribute to me!

cool idea...

cause us that cant spell can still apriciate your maps =)


Hey thats pretty nice. Keep up the good work =)


Can some-one please rate this, it makes me feel unwanted.