The purple treasure chest

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Created 2006-01-02
by 20 people.
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Description This is without doubt my favourite map of mine. It took several hours to build. For the first time I have included surprise thwumps (thwumps that are hidden behind tiles).

I would like to know all the methods of propulsion for DDAs, so the person to give me the best description of all methods of propulsion for DDAs will get a Dedication map.
Conditions of entry: You must rate this map and at least one other map of mine. You must use good grammar. It is there for the whole world to see and people still make mistakes!

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It's alright.

But it's too much of a DDA and not enough of a Race. Half of the level is automatic propulsion.

stink 1st try

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Yeah, what the title says.
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at the end
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ur map was stolen

didnt no if u already new, but just to let u no

better than a 4

and now it's a 4.5!

jiggilly cubes

lol. that's funny.
and you can modify the data, just paste it in a comment or edit the descrip. the name is pretty random. 5/5 cuz i think this is better

I know,

this demo sucks.but I have to go now, and I needed something to submit.
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I'm glad to see every-one likes it. And Guiseppi, I wish I could modify it, but I can't.
Other than that, though, a very fun map, 4/5
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5/5 This map feels like a DDA, but you play it. In my opinion, that is what a race SHOULD feel like. It is short, sweet, fast, and fun. Congratz


Screw it! I finished it first time but when i recorded it.....!!!! damn! oh well. Great mao 5/5
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I am excited, as of now my map is 29th for top rated races!


Thank-you Greengooguy. I will try your maps.


and faved


Uses great propulsion and flows very well

Could you please ceck out some of my maps?
the one I made for myself.


That looks pretty good (the V-Dude). However there still might be others with a more descriptive answer (not that yours wasn't).
Because I rated your two newest.

Oh yeah


And Propulsion

1. Launch Pads and Teleports
Obviously, they can be used to push you around, but they can also be used to stop you. Teleports are easily made, just edit the last number of the launch pad code.

2. Bounce Blocks
You can stack gold on areas of the bounce block and you will go so far into it, then you stop placing gold, and the bounce block may propel you at high speeds.

3. Thwumps
Thwumps can be used in many to move you, throw you, and stop you. There are thwump squeezes, where you are squeezed between two thwumps or a thwump and a wall, there are reverse thwumps, and thwumps going backwards, and there are a few pixels at the edge of the electric side that propel you.

4. Trap Doors
As shown in this race, trap doors can be used to propel your ninja. If placed properly, they can also move him during a fall.

5. Normal doors(I in ned)
If you stack gold on these, it delays the time it shuts, and it will shut with you in it, sometime propeling you at high rates of speed.

6. Glitch Tiles
These tiles appear in the map as a 5 tile, and on numa as a 1 tile. If you put letters in the code for the tiles, it may result in a glitch tile. Sometimes they kill you, sometimes they shoot you out. It all depends on where you land.


Thanks, 691175002. However you can't win without rating this map and another of mine.


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1. Launch pads
2. Thumps (either to push you around or used with jump/ more thumps to make you go really fast)
3.Jiggilly cubes (with gold delay)
4. Trap doors
5 Normal doors (with gold delay, works sorta like jiggilly cubes)
Thats all I can think of for now.


Thank-you. I will try out your new race.

I like it

check out my new race