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Tags author:havier dda rated
Created 2006-01-04
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description This map is dedicated to The_V_Dude for winning my competition- (please try this map too).

In this level N decides that completing a level once is just not enough and so completes it 3 times (although there are two doors). Once N is on top of the mountain he has a rest, so do not rate badly if you think this part is slow (I think it has a soothing effect).

This level is a compilation of all things I really know that can be used for DDAs. So do not rate badly if there is something here you disapprove of.

Otherwise, please comment and rate. I hope you enjoy it!

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but maybe you should put that it must be played in editor to work....


As of Thursday the 5th of January,(9:47 am) my map is the 10th top rated DDA!!


Yay! This is number 53 on the top rated DDAs! (Which isn't as good as I wanted, but it is still good). One day I would like to get one of my DDAs into the 30, or even 20 or 10 or 5 (I am ambitious aren't I?). One of my races has already got into the top 30.

Very good!!

i like this map alot, i played it like 14 times i love all DDA MAPZ. DDA MAPZ RULE!!!!


Sorry pribble, didn't see your comment, I was busy writing my previous comment.


I don't know why that is. It works for me and it worked for the other person. I am extremely sorry. It even works on User levels (but you only can complete one part). Maybe you didn't click out of the box before pressing L (if you are doing it in debug mode).
Any way it a hold nothing DDA.

It worked for me.

Very good, I really liked the glitch tile. It's my favorite.

Finally got it.

I had to load and reload it about five time to make it work. Anyway, good DDA. I like the teleporter and the two doors.

Not working for me

I've tried holding left,right, nothing, and pressing "1" but he keeps hitting the mine (bottom left) and dieing. Am i missing something?


I don't know why that appeared twice. Anyway, please rate this, it is good!


Did you even read my description?


Did you even read my description?

I liked it

besides the fact that the last door is rediculusly boring