The Disgruntled Sloth

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Created 2005-12-26
by 6 people.
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Description Hello. This is my first map with such a wide range of enemies. I hope you enjoy it. Please comment and rate. Please try my other maps too and tell me which is the best.

I have a question for any-one who can answer it (probably experts). What other forms of propulsion are there for DDAs?

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I good dda for your fist time. Could you please rate some of mine?


Thank-you Robbyb for the comment. You wouldn't mind rating it would you? I would like to get a public rating.


i love DDA


Thank-you very much!!

I gave u a 5 so

Give my maps 5's now


Can some-one please rate this, I did spend some time on it and I do think it is pretty good. It makes me feel unwanted.

Pretty good

for a first DDA.

There are thwumps, trap doors, normal doors, a whole ton of things.