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Author DaggaFork
Tags action author:daggafork minejumper playable rated
Created 2019-04-27
Last Modified 2019-04-27
by 6 people.
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Description Under the guck

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What a challenge!

I second what Hysteriux said, the possibility of avoiding rockets is a nice "atmospheric touch".

Also I like how you lowered the ceiling so it's impossible to do a couple of high jumps to "merge rockets".


AGD is hard but fun to attempt. This map is nuts. What a level. NUMA is making waves in 2019.


i'll try an AGD but that speedrun was fun to figure out
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what never heard of NGDs! amateur! :O
agree with everyone else, very fun map.

really got into speedrunning this map, which isn't something i do often, so well done.
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Cleaned up AGD

Yeah, fantastic map
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love it! More opportunities than I realised to take shortcuts and risk the rocket swarms. Some of the minejumper aspects can feel a bit stale, but the interaction with floorguard position elevates them a bunch. Super fresh feeling map, definitely a recent fave
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jeeeez now im trying to all gold it, and i dunno if i'm just using the 10/10 route, or i just suck... but it's brutalizing me... i think i just suck
you're doing it wrong, this is how the big girls play
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this is so cool. Exactly like frets said, just the presence of those rockets is enough to make the level infinitely more exciting and tense. I feel like a mole or something popping up real quickly just to get food only to quickly descend back into the cavern so I don't get eaten. Such a brilliant use of rockets, a very fun level. 5aved

Really cool idea

Even if you barely interact with them all the rockets above give the whole level a bunch of exciting tension. Will try and get a demo later