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Author DaggaFork
Tags 3-tile author:daggafork retile unrated
Created 2019-04-22
Last Modified 2019-04-28
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Description Retile of

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well what do you


Considering how few objects you had to work with this is really good.
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thats thee way my maps have been for years, it will be intended difficulty 4 and people will try difficulty 10 routes and tell me it's too hard


haven't watched demos, i suspect people were approaching this wrong?
you did a solid job with this, but not outstanding. i really like the route & all its constituent jumps. i do wish the gauss had been better incorporated; maybe with more verticality in that section. still thoroughly enjoyable.

agd. Honestly, one of my least favorite retiles so far, but you also didn't have much to work with. Can't really blame you for that.
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top right should be a breeze.
didn't have a whole lot to work with on this one, so i just tried to make each object somewhat meaningful
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that top right

is very tricky, I quite like this, seems like you got a pretty sparse object set and you used it quite well for what it is


One tricky jump in this. Not particularly outstanding but a solid retile. Would be interesting to see the original.
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