swirling gas shifty eyes2

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Author DaggaFork
Tags author:daggafork minejumpey playable unrated
Created 2019-04-07
Last Modified 2019-04-07
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Description double edition

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try to kill off the rocket when you get to the gauss

looks great, but i'm finding the tight maneuvers with the rocket and gauss too frustrating. haven't made it to then left side yet.


I love it.
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I feel like this is a downgrade from the original :(
I'd love to hear why you made the changes
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I really love

how this level is constructed. Just a half-tile more leeway above the gauss would have been pleasant, I thought getting up to that area gated off the rest of the level in a way that disjointed a scaling difficulty. Otherwise so excellent


cool map so far
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back at it again.