Nine-eyed Ancient

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Author deep_blue
Tags author:deep_blue playable unrated
Created 2018-08-20
Last Modified 2018-08-20
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Description well, it has been a while, hasn't it?
genuinely happy to see this community still alive.

here's a short map for you
also, can't guarantee I'm gonna post maps consistently or at all. kind of more into amateurishly drawing stuff now.
anyways, enjoy.

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Hey Van, nice to see you as well. Well, tilesets kind of helped me to transition from N to drawing, if that makes sense.
I took a quick glance at drawpile, the concept sounds exciting.

also thanks Tempus! All of your feedback makes me want to keep going even more, guys.


awesome to see the blueman back! makes me want to get back into mapping.

also didn't know you were into drawing, though based on your tilesets i should have known. great stuff!

have you heard of a program called drawpile?

Thanks for the link! Lovely drawings of some excellent concepts. Keep it up. It always amazes me how much talent & creativity this community has.
I also thought about doing them in N. They'd probably look neat.
We'll see if I'm gonna feel like remaking them. Maybe.
i think these are great... i can totally see them in N-tileset versions, and they're awsm

yo Tempus

thanks, I'm doing good. if you want to see them, visit this dumpster here:

Lovely to see you around. Hope you're been well. Feel free, of course, to post your amateurish drawings ^_^

hey guys!

So nice to see you :)

hi deep blue

hope you're doing ok!


welcome back :)

hey guys

I don't know, Mohit
I'll try to put out a map every now and then

Hey man.

Good to see you mapping again. i hope you come back full time.
sr attached.
Demo Data

The mines please me

And Hi :)