When I Dived Down

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Author deep_blue
Tags author:deep_blue fish rated tileset
Created 2017-01-13
Last Modified 2017-01-13
by 8 people.
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Description the usual 'once-in-a-few-months' map. enjoy and sorry if I'm rusty. Having some exams lately.

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I can't see anything other than bubbles.

damn really nice
thank you for making this

hey man

I'm happy to see you around. Times have changed indeed.

Hey, deep_blue

Missed you. Wondered, if you still were active. Just saw the number of maps you have. Insane, how times have changed. I remember some of our collabs (should be 2 or 3). Really missed you.
I tried to make it look like bubbles under water.
But now I can't unsee octopus bullet holes
or a weird octopus fish gnawing on the head