ふたつ の 男 戦った

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Author deep_blue
Tags author:deep_blue drunkfucks highlevelmeme rated tileset twoidiots
Created 2017-02-04
Last Modified 2017-02-04
by 5 people.
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Description traditional japanese meme tileset. yes, I am that bored. enjoy.

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come back to us

oh blue that is deep

awh, I'm sorry, man

three years is a lot. Glad you like it now, though. Did you take any additional languages or is it English only? I'm on English Philology with Chinese and it's a very intense course, keeps me busy all the time. When I earn a degree, it's gonna be a regular bachelor or English, though. If I want a paper proving my Chinese skills, I have to take a special test (HSK). Is it similar at your uni?

Hey man!

So what happened was I saw you sent me a link to the map but I was about to go bed at the time so by the next day I had completely forgotten you sent the link. I spent the next couple weeks thinking you hadn't sent the collab.
Anywho, I recently remembered so here ya go:
I couldn't think of anything else to add.

that's cool

take your time and get well :D How's uni? What's your course?


I'm the worst at responding. How have you been? What have you been up to lately?

I'm sorry if the mechanics are shitty, if you feel like something's not right, just change it. I've been thinking of replacing thwumps with rockets, but 'm gonna let you decide []

yo guys

this show is amazing from part 3 onwards.
and bizarre is an understatement.
@Nudel oh shit man, I'll put a ninja next time, I promise


Where is the Ninja I demanded


Such treasures lost in the sands.

I watched like the first 3 episodes of that show. It too bizarre even for me.

ah ok, cool

My friends at uni have been telling me to watch that show for ages haha.


It's loosely based on old japanese warrior drawings.
I'll take a look at the map soon.
My avatar is from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (part 8)
@Meanapple this meme is ancient, it's memeness is lost to the time.


forgot the map.

Here ya go

Added in some objects.
By the way, whats your avatar from?
I fail to see the meme. Have I truly become blind?

Looks sweet

Is it based off something?