Vigor Mortis

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Author deep_blue
Tags author:deep_blue map spooked unrated
Created 2016-10-26
Last Modified 2016-10-26
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Map Data

Description just a quick halloween-themed jump-around-er. the tileset is meant to represent spooky zombie hands or something. enjoy.

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using IE

I don't believe you could miss by choosing maps all by yourself. But if you asked, I just scrolled through few pages and played some levels. For couple of hours tho. Here are some I find nice:

237135, 236941, 214380, 214315, 221360, 218236, 218226, 224746, 224579, 235441, 235413, 235102, 233865, 233830,
231654, 231402, 231384...

Also there was some "Pool of Syrup" level, I couldn't find its ID. These are just some levels I played for last hours and I liked them. Pretty sure all of them are possible in Nv2. Don't know if you have ever published a level in Nv2, but you can use same data used here. Except for floorguards, they will vanish, so you must put them again manually, I believe. Thanks up front. :D


I thought the round bits could be a bit hairy. thanks for feedback tho

oxymoron, I think I could. Any suggestions which maps I should start porting first?
I do struggle to get these jumps tho. But again, it is a type of map I like. Beauty tiles and cool tricks! Will eventually post a decent run!

By the way, I like many of your maps. Is there a chance you could port some maps on Nv2?

I want to like it

but the gausses are too angry and the 8/4s are too finnicky