Hot Chocolate

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Author Ferox
Tags action author:ferox drones laser rated seeker thwumps
Created 2014-11-15
Last Modified 2015-07-19
by 5 people.
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Description Spent two hours on this. Inspired by IWBTNINJA. Enjoy!

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the 4 tile jump at the beginning is fun. i like the fast paced outside vs the slower paced mine areas

Thanks for always looking at my maps.
Good to see you are still around! We should collab some time. Maybe when i shake my map making rust off :D


a wee bit of lag on the server.

thanks for the rate and comment, and well mine did not have that many close calls to be honest.


feel free to use it :)


thanks for playing all me maps!

I hate when people do things like the demo below. I'll fix this later.

better sr

Demo Data

chill AGD
Demo Data

Demo Data
The easiness dramatically improves. I made that path for speedruns. I recommend dropping down asap and grabbing all of the gold in the center area first if you go for an AGD. It is substantially easier.


now there's something I can do!
Demo Data
still no AGD from me XD
Demo Data

I'm not sure

if the left laser even reaches into that area, my problem is more with the seekers and thwumps. they don't work very well with the laser(s) in such a tight space.
It's when the beams cross that makes it a bit difficult for me.

well, tbh

I have no problem with the two lasers until the thwump area. the thwump area is total sensory overload...

I hurt my index finger so this is a pretty sloppy AGD.

Also lol @ that demo RD.
Demo Data
I'm worried that the two lasers might have been too much.
Demo Data