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Author Ferox
Tags action author:ferox episodic gauss tricky unrated zap-drones
Created 2014-11-14
Last Modified 2014-11-14
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Description Episodic level. I am trying to get better at making fun maps before I incorporate aestheticism like I used to. Rate, comment, and enjoy.

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very nice
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nice map (I tried it), I think the only thing I don't like as much is that the drones are all on the same side. Thanks for ur comment, see my reply -u inspired me to make a sweeet edit..

agree with sunset

your maps are plenty fun - hence the confusion regarding your description.

the mechanic of this level was used excellently imo. the trapdoors and launchpad in particular work perfectly to vary the gameplay and make it an overall enjoyable experience.
Nothing I could do to fix it. My other annoyance is that for whatever reason, the drones are at entirely different positions from one another by 30 seconds.

I love this concept, my only real irritation is that the drone timing is a tad off, which is accompanied by a finicky glitch where the drone shocks you through the one-way. NR for now.

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Fun map. I love the trapdoors and the bottom left gold is neat. I felt like having both gauss active at once was a bit too tough sometimes.


they're a lot like those boutique cupcakes that look really good but taste nasty. I'm trying to get better at making maps that are fun to play before I go back to making them look nice too.