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Author whaleshow527
Tags action author:whaleshow527 bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-12-29
Last Modified 2005-12-30
by 27 people.
Map Data

Description An easy descension map. All gold can be tedious. I actually like the tileset as much as the level, but I think the pace is good.

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Genius map, man.

I love it.

Great fun

Demo Data

good show



really nice tileset. totally awesome! 5/5


lol, thanks Guiseppi.
I didn't really take the descension ascension thing into consideration, lol. Ii'm correcting it, assuming you're right.
It's really fun, like Ngaged said, a truly nice map. But just wondering, isn't it technically a DEscension map? Lol, anyways, great map, 4.5/5.
And Lol to you to, Ngaged, you tried to correct his UNcomplete, with an _im_complete. I'm sure it was just a typo, but it's still really funny.
well, after playing it a bit more, and seeing that it got some very positive attention, I like it much better. I edited the description. Still like the tileset though.


ok, I'll add the gold.

And this level is complete. Just cause someone suggested something doesn't mean it's incomplete...


Why does this need to be under _im_complete? It's fine the way it is.


You should enter this in uncomplete.

Oh, a pet peeve

I think that that lone piece of gold near the last locked door switch needs another one next to it. Nothing much. =D


A truly nice map. Reminds me of leap of faith rom the game. This one is better! Good work.