Thorns of Enmity

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Author whaleshow527
Tags author:whaleshow527 bitesized incomplete rated
Created 2005-12-22
Last Modified 2005-12-22
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description Here\'s a pretty cool tileset. I made a level out of this...but it was hard and unfun...Enjoy this. This might be suitable for a jump-only map of some sort. Feel free to change the starting point, I only put the ninja there cause NUMA won't let me submit it without.

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ima make

a killer mine jumper or somthin outta this

it looks

like an open venus fly trap, looking at it from the front...

it looks awesome...


NUMA won't let me delete it, sorry. Feel free to change though.


go ahead and change it then. The ninja isn't really that important. I'll remove it. Thanks for the info. I'll add that to the desc.


Someone can turn it into a JUMP only map if the spawn point is changed...


Ummm, Dito.... (?)

loved this tileset

what can i say? the map was a little to frustrating, but the thing that made it the 5/5 that it was was the tileset. so...? the score is a.... *drum rolls* 5/5!