Beginner's Luck

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Author Losttortuga
Tags 322 332 author:losttortuga unrated
Created 2014-05-19
Last Modified 2014-05-19
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Description ;^D

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Cool tileset

But diminishing gold returns and a somewhat poorly designed bottom ruined it a bit for me. 3.5v/5


I like that you spelled out serenity at the bottom, its quite funny trying to be serene on a map like this lolll.
I'm glad Macrohenry ran this to see the run. As for me hm I don't like the rocket on the left much and there are not enough options considering potentially it seems like there could be many. More options is a good thing for the multitasking/ improvising MH talked about.
PS. Author title remade that that Anco's remake you played yesterday -the second route plays out like a race map now (second route is quite safe)

Dude, this is fantastic. Everything macrohenry said — the bottom was definitely the highlight. It made me feel like a badass.

Improvable AGD

This is one of those maps which you really have to play to see its awesomeness. All the enemies do a great job which means you have to multitask and think about your next steps. I love that! <3
There were some awkward spots like getting out of the chamber in the center, but the bottom part is SO MUCH fun that this map deserves a 5/5.
I really hope this gets featured one day.
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Bloody hell this is a tough map. But its good to see old mappers returning. NUMA might make a comeback.

I'm sorry, I was really pissed at chaingun drones, because I wasted really lot of tries on 117-1 and I had great run, that could end by like 4th place in speedrun ranking and I was killed just in the end of second chaingun room. It made me really angry. Luckily I made acceptable run few tries later and finished the last 3 levels in few minutes. (compared to maybe hours I spent on that 117-1)

Needs less chaingun drones.

brutal map
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Ooh, awesome!

Can't wait to play. So many people have appeared from semi-hiatuses today . . .