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Tags action author:havier playable unrated
Created 2005-12-12
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Description This is my first Action level. It is not too difficult, but some parts may get you stuck. Please rate and comment. I hope you enjoy it. Note:The name is of a song I very much like.

The first person to give me a demo in which you get all the gold will get a map dedicated to them! BE QUICK!
Note:My competition for getting all the gold in Easy Race (which is 10 times easier than this competition)is still running. I need someone to win!
P.S.Try my other maps, please.

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Well Done!

I must say I am VERY impressed-I thought it would take longer. True to my word I will create a dedication map for you, so keep a lookout.


Here's your all-gold mister. Third try demo.
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