Across The Continent

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Tags author:havier dda unrated
Created 2005-12-13
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Description This is my fourth DDA. I hope you enjoy it. I like the tileset a lot, it is probably my best so far. It is a lot faster than my previous ones too, and I have not put so much unnecessary gold in. Please comment and rate, I am still new to N-Game (Not new to the game, but to map editing-it took me ages to find out what to do to get to the debug menu).

Please try my other maps (5 of them) and rate them, some of them have not been rated at all. Here is the link to my maps:

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Yes, I know I need to give you the dedication map. Are you sure you've rated it, because it says I've got a 3/5 from one person?

Very Very

Nice, 4/5. Oh and im still waitin for Dedication map.


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