Through Hoops

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Author coldcut
Tags author:coldcut drones hard hoops timing unrated
Created 2013-03-05
Last Modified 2013-03-05
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Description there's a few hard spots. you're not the only one jumping through hoops. well you are, but there are some drones hovering through those hoops, so this map is all about timing. just like a good joke, which is all about timing. dam, i shoulda said the joke first before talking about the map.

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this one seems cool

long, and boring imo.
waiting for the time to get through the doors was tedious, jumps easy, map easy.



added some one way walls to make it a bit easier. hey lori try the map again and let me know what you think
turns out it's not
felt a bit long, I did not want to go all the way back the way I came :/
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