Near Light

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Author 1211
Tags author:1211 bestof1211 featured medium playable race rated thwumps
Created 2013-02-08
Last Modified 2013-03-30
by 25 people.
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Description StreetsAhead wanted me to make a race, so I did. Enjoy!

Title's from a ballad by Ólafur Arnalds.

This map was featured on 2015-04-07

Near light is a race masterpiece. Throughout the map new and unique concepts are constantly thrown at the player in a way not often seen within the genre

The atmosphere is thick and dangerous, like you have been tied to an abandoned minecart, and flung hapless into the dark below.

1211 is a fantastic race author when he can be bothered with the genre, and I sincerely hope that he will return to it one day. — _destiny^-

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Looking forward to playing this when I get home on Saturday
this is really good. Like mushroom pizza good.


Had this one on my to-feature-list too. ;)


I give 5/5 for this! Demo in N-reality. impressions?

This it's a great race.
The aesthetics are super weird and faNTAbulous!

I think I have no more words about it.

thank you trance, that's means a lot to me. :D


sorry for ruining your race.
obviously, 5 from me. ;)
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great thwumps

treag shwumpt
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the start is nothing special and it might seem that it is made so that the map is longer..

but thats a horrible thought actually which doesnt matter. this map is great.


is fantastic
rest is awesome and unique


That's the best race I've ever played. 5!
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This period .

Is for you

This comment

is mine

This race,

is fantastic.

mwahah comp

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I won't say I didn't try ._.
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Awesome race :D
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Seriously this is freaking awesome. Amazing job with the thwumps and I love the no-jump bits. Really interesting and fun. Thanks for making a race (a great one to :P). 5.5/5, rounded down to 5. faved to.

amazing thwumps

though somewhat short and it was a little too messy. very fun.

Thanks guys!

Stupid snow storm might leave me powerless for a few.

Pretty great. Has some awesome ideas.


mmMmmMMMMmMMm....well well sure... take a 5. Map is controversial imo, it is really really weird, I just can't decide if it is annoyingly akward or an amazing unique masterpiece. You have me stumped so take a 5.


One of the best races I've played, really unique and well thought out. Congratz
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All kinds of unique. Faved.
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Thanks. :3

Incredibly original, 5aved.
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thwump usage. and the rest was cool too. 4/5

Flow demo

900 on the dot!
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