Laziness is a Virtue resubmitted

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Author nemetacyst
Tags author:nemetacyst bitesized n-art rated
Created 2005-12-22
by 120 people.
Map Data

Description when i first submitted this n art, it was being rated very very well
at one point, it was rated number 1 in the all categories section
then it went down cuz ppl started giving it crappy ratings
it aparaently went down to a 3.5, i didnt see it, i was busy hosting a lan party and wasnt using internet at all, i was in a different building
a few nice folk posted it was at 3.5 and said how it was actually very good
i know it has a few minor flaws, but overall, i agree
and if this map gets such a bad rating again, ill probly just quit submitting any maps, because too many people here are, excuse the language, assholes
NOTE, im leaving the other submission alive, so if anybody has a problem with what i just said, i can quote it

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i missed a year


Happy new year

Oh wait it's already February.

Hello again


Skipped 2011

That was a lame year anyway...

four years ago?

only? boooooooo

Oh look

ANOTHER comment by me.

I love

The obscenely high amount of comments this has.




uh uh uh wow wow wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i make no sense

wow turtle

youre still around...

Still here.

than that afternood dragon thing. The whole top rated system is ridiculous.


i think theres a little over a dozen left...

aww thats sweet



definitely deserves 5/5. and 99turtle99 you're right. from what ive seen in my short time in numa, looking at older maps, there arent as many good or nice authors around. good that your still here, cause ur one of the best!
im taking a college course right now
but im in mid school


im still around guys, this level just isnt convenient to get to anymore...and since im a senior, im applying to colleges and dealing with school at the same time...i really dont have much time, if you look athow many lvls ive made since september, youll see what i mean...

turtle, im sorry, i know im taking forever, but please realize my priorities...
This is what I see

nemetacyst started a debate for a reson people would agree on, but the opposition don't even know what they're talking about. He has a good point, and so many people are arguing for the heck of it. IT IS just a game, but it doesn't mean he doesn't have a point. No one can be bothered reading the whole page of arguing, so almost everyone has missed a point.

COME BACK NEMETACYST!!! i promice i'll look at your N arts every once in a while, even if they are rated in the 4s and 3s

okay nemetacyst

you havent said ANYTHING here in the past three months

post me when the n-art is finished
or i will leave numa


A cute N Art that appeals to me.



100th vote!

5/5. Totally awesome.


will it ever reach 100 though?!?


i get it now. that only took one second. 5/5

no problem

there are two things that have to happen before I leave
That dragon is one...
i took a bit of a break from numa...i was hardly active for a again, i know you really like this...i think i could make it better now, im better with shading, but i dont feel the need...i still need to get to my dragon need right now...i will...just no idea when...sry...
no matter how childish that sounds.
Anyway, its all good. Life is life, and life goes on. Oh, and as to your question, I answer one. Or maybe at the most two. But this is the best in my opinion.
I think it is awesome anyway...

honestly... if me always commenting didnt show it...

oh well

how long has it been so highly rated?

cmon, its not even that high a quality...its good, yes...and probly deserves top art page, largly cuz demon deleted all his(would have been top 20) but this lvl is a sniper magnet, so are my other arts, thats why they have poor ratings, despite how much better they are then most other not trying to sound stuck up, but many arts are better then some of the ones ive made?

speaking of which...i seroiusly need to work on my fire/ice one...i havnt forgotten turtle...and i know ive said this before, but i have way too much shit going on...


i really hope you realize...
1. ther ight arm is bent and partially behind its head
2. its laying on a rock, well, iceberg actually, and that you cant even see its stomach in this picture...

take another look...see it the way everybody else is seeing it...

besides the head,

it doesn't look very realistic. the right arm looks too short, and why is it sucking in it's stomach?

now its not 3.5

First click enter, then click enter...

lets change the topic.

Why are some bad N-arts back above this?
dont bother answering...we already discussed this...