Girders and Glass

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Author Pheidippides
Tags action author:pheidippides playable rated
Created 2012-12-02
Last Modified 2012-12-02
by 8 people.
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Description Map!

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thank you for playing my map.


some special synapse in your brain that allows you to create such aeshetically beautiful maps!



lol, must have miscopied. AGD
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... i was wondering why you went around hendor :P haha and that was no AGD you missed a gold bro...
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you to deal with the thwumps and that bloody rocket at the start was a bit much. I think I might've preferred the old gold behind exit trick wherby you only have to do that section at the start for an AGD...


the double rocket bit was tense. cool map.
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One of the best maps you've ever made!

I guess I'll be the first to remark on Hendor.

holy shit



...faster AGD...

...i agree with everything positive that everyone else said!-GOOD SHIT!...

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Awesome. The exit switch and one ways.. Cute


Hey Pheidi! Nice map.
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Superb look

Play is good

my only complaint

would be the top area with 2 rockets gunning for you at once. But that's small, and everything else is very well done.