Fragments of the Marble Plan

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Author seven_two
Tags action aufgehoben author:seven_two unrated
Created 2012-11-20
Last Modified 2012-11-21
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Description I had to forget everything in order to make this one. So here's my first original map in nearly 2 years.

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so different. I love it!

fun map

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Edited, and AGD

Very valuable feedback there, Sen. Didn't foresee that thwump problem since I've never z-snapped thwumps before, so that's something new to me. Anyways, I didn't think the map was cluttered while playing it, but I tried removing two gausses and the map now plays far better to me.
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haha. will try and get an AGD later on today.
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ooh oohoohhohohooh


Might have been a little harsh just now, but I still feel like there's a little too much going on in this map for it's own good.
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death demo

your maps always feel overstuffed, this time I feel it's in a negative way, though. There are far too many gausses, dodging them all the time is tiresome rather than thrilling, which is a shame because I really like the mechanics of the central area. Starting over just feels like a waste of time. Also, not really your fault, but not being able to jump off the back of the right-hand thwump (see demo) is really irritating, since it would be so convenient to be able to do so.
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thanks for reminding me to get more aufgehoben

as expected

this rules but is also incredibly difficult

oh man

oh man oh man oh man