Thin Line Between Heaven And Here, II

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Author seven_two
Tags action author:seven_two featured moa-accepted stmappack unrated
Created 2012-06-16
Last Modified 2012-08-28
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Description Second in a series. Play right after the first map [].

This map was featured on 2014-05-25

Do you remember the first time you had a crush on somebody? The thump thump of your heart, the inability to breathe, the exorbitant longing? Well, sometimes I feel that way about maps. They're kinda my thing. Thin Line is the high school sweetheart I never got. And while I prefer this one to the former, both are necessary to set my heart alight. The best kinds of love are the ones you share, so enjoy. — Aidiera

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Interesting feature, great map
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I liked this alot

Great map, great feature :)
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Brilliant review too Aidiera. Neat map. The tileset is so surreal and other-worldly, and the enemies worked well. I also loved the final decent of the map.

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I'll consider making it playable when I work on my map pack!
nice map, anyways. i liked the glitched tiles. 4/5
But this is Fifty Shades Of Great. 5aved.
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The drop is so fun.

I spy a stone face

... it looks fantastic. Agree with blackson. 4.

i remember these maps

This one

isn't insanely hard to AGD, awesome. Cute use of fake tiles (I'm guessing that's what you did) with the drones and not compromising the visible tilest - it makes timing that final jump an enjoyable way to descend to the exit.

My only complaint is the upper right. It looks too good to not be playable area! I would have loved to have started alone up there and ventured down to meet that rocket. Just my opinion. Solid 4.
But when I got the hang of it, it was really fun.
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