Perfect Cherry Blossom

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Author seven_two
Tags action author:seven_two featured moa-accepted rated stmappack
Created 2012-06-14
Last Modified 2012-08-28
by 11 people.
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Description Also made three years ago, for Memoirs.

This map was featured on 2012-11-16

After running for hours, the ninja pauses. As his heartbeat slowly normalizes and the rushing in his ears ceases, he realizes the sun is shining. He can feel a slight breeze through his bodyglove, feel the gentle morning heat through the insulation. He'd run through brambles and lava, vicious guardians and unstoppable killers for a few extra seconds of precious life, and he'd run to the ends of the earth, and yet here he was, in a land of perfect cherry blossoms. The ninja breathes deeply, and thinks about life. — PALEMOON

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Hey!! It's been yonks.

Really appreciate the comment on my 500th map (and on the recent one).

Hope you're doing well, cool to hear you're mapping again. Gimme a buzz on facebook if you want me to playtest.

I was always impressed with your maps, especially stylistically. Often felt kind of lavish and somewhere between beautiful and grotesque (not quite the right word.. maybe menacing? ... gnarly? lol)
Was really into your Inside Minaret series too, would be cool to do a #8 mixing more recent style with the minaret mechanic/base design.

Yeah, so funny how the editor shortcuts stick with you hey?

If you're keen I'd be down for a collab too, send me a start sometime if you're down?
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The run along the bottom at the end was nice too.
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I like that song.
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I loved the crowded feeling of the top followed by the the vacant loneliness that presents itself during the final trek to the exit.

It worked!

So did the Fave button.
Reminds me of this [], in a way. The slopes don't completely work against you, but they always seem to keep you ever-so-slightly off-kilter. It's kinda like the grogginess of the morning, if you woke up under the Northern Lights. The turrets and everything else were well-placed too. Very satisfying to play.

I try not to 5 a lot of maps, but I'm definitely gonna try to 5 this one.


i couldn't get an agd, so i settled for a completion. nice crystalline bottom area there.
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This is one of my absolute favorites.


agree with suds that the left hand side is annoying. I love the ending though: it's nicely spooky, since I half expected something to rush out from a tile and stop me in my tracks.
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pretty fun, the upper part is a bit annoying. loved the left part though
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