Cynthia Eat World

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Author capnshazmo
Tags action adventure author:capnshazmo cave chaingun featured rated
Created 2012-11-10
Last Modified 2012-11-10
by 13 people.
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Description Once home of the super-spider, Cynthia.

This map was featured on 2014-02-27

The spider crawled, looking for prey, i.e. me. When it found me, it'd dash for me. I wouldn't call it easy to avoid, but it was predictable, and by carefully planning out my movements I could avoid it repeatedly. Turns out it's some sort of, like, tech-spider where it has an antenna on its face or something like that. Science produces weird things sometimes.

Also, there was some redneck asshole firing guns at me. He called the tech-spiders his "Syneas" or something. Finias? Cynthias, I think. And he talked about devouring the world. Nom nom nom, I guess. — maxson924

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I checked out this map


I checked out this map

NUMA is so dead,

that only 4 people have commented and only 2 people have submitted runs after it getting featured. :(
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Great map, great feature. A lot better than his older maps that's for sure!
Improved Speedrun.
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Good to see it getting featured.

hey man

how you been? what did you mean by samus? :L



There is a project that i am working on and i was wondering if you would like to be a part of it. If you are willing please tell me so i can give you more details.

btw, nice map. Its has a cool tile-set and a great use of objects, not to few, and not to crowded. 4/5

Fastish AGD

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Glad you took a look.
I gotta work on getting that part, which is tough because the drone often follows me up. Good map!
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Of course, silly me.


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I loved this. 5/5
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You guys had some intense chaingun dodges.
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thanks guys! :)
My only complaint is that the difficulty is too concentrated towards the right side, i.e. it's quite tough on the right but pretty easy on the left. But the two drones work very well together and very little of the map is really a reliable safe haven. 4 and a fave from me.
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every corner of this was fun!... well, actually there were some awkward spots, but it's not a big flaw, haha :P 5aved.
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Enjoyable. Loved the beginning.
the chain gun and the seeker drone were the perfect enemies in this map and it was fun to jump around and try to figure out how to get to the door the quickest way without getting shot. 5/5 from me

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