The Haunt -- 2.0

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Author capnshazmo
Tags author:capnshazmo halloween n-art nart spookshow tileset unrated
Created 2012-10-31
Last Modified 2012-10-31
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Description Another resub. Happy Halloween.

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I'm glad you're around. This is going to sound self-absorbed, but you remind me of... me. By that I mean that you're the one mapper I've found in forever who seems to make maps that suit my myriad of preferences for the most part. Keep doing what you're doing, I like it.
He uses fbf (frame by frame) in debug mode.
However, he is quite skilled at it. I used to use underclock, which slows the game down so you have more control. But now I suck at using it :P

This map looks awesome :)
Plays a bit awkwardly though. 4/5
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very cool!

Nice demo

Well done :)

I'm bad at this game


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