Limited System III

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Author Arctic_Pony
Tags author:arctic_pony featured playable rated
Created 2010-03-31
Last Modified 2010-03-31
by 23 people.
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Description the third installment of my limited system series.
you can play the first two here:

Limited System []

Limited System II []

im very pleased with this map, and for you highscorers out there, an AGD is tough but very satisfying. have fun :D

This map was featured on 2010-07-28

You know what this map is? It's that scene from Jurassic Park where the raptors are chasing the kids through that building. They seem to relentlessly chase you, and always end up exactly where you need to be. Furthermore, if you accidentally knock over some pans in the kitchen, they'll all be like "HOLY FUCK", and run over to where the sound was, leading to an unrelenting, fast paced, balls to the walls insane race against a maniacal herd that for some reason wants you dead.

*watches as the ninja knocks over pans*

Goddamit. >_> — squibbles

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This is cool, but I'm pretty terrible at N so no chance for a legit AGD.

This cheated one only uses fbf for the second room though >.>

I wouldn't call you a one-hit-wonder, though this series is definitely one of the highlights of your career :)
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But I wish AGD was easier to get.
RCE: (five out of five)
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I can still be pleasantly surprised by the ones I never did. Glad you've received your first feature Associated_Press :P/;) Just a demo:
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Great fun

reminds me of

some other map i've played before, except the drones were all in a maze like thing in the middle, and the outside part to get the switches was sorta like a mine jumper

this is cool though, and stylish
5aved. Just fantastic :)
Not a doubt. I love Jurassic Park too :D


i saw this about a week ago.

Awesome map

one of the few features I played totally through.


i hope
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Pretty fun

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limited system II also guys. its great!

actually no

I play the cultural differences card. It's totally spelt like that here.


It's not a real word, so I'm allowed to mispell it.

Also, the relentless/unrelenting thing is alright, I guess, since while I am repeating a concept, the word itself isn't repeated. I can live with that.

unfortunaly godammit has one d and two m

great map

Brilliant review
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Hard to AGD.

Here's a relatively close one :)
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Awesome map.

I'll get my AGD soon.



this review is so crappy. I meant "unrelentlessly chase you", and I didn't realise that I repeated it.

Sorry. :S


FINALLY. Finally you get a feature.



<3 squibbles

also, i am in no way Riobe v2 but i am flattered nonetheless :)
is that I have the best taste in maps ever.

But seriously, goddamit Pony, you're like, Riobe v2. I don't know how the fuck you get so good so fast. D:


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oh my god

this is awesome

Third try demo.
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That last part was hard. 4.5^/5


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HA HA. i am a heron i ehav a long neck...

actually, goddamit

I wish I remembered the heron 5 minutes ago. That'd have made it like, a billion times better.


I am a heron.
I've told you what I think of this. :)
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too simple?

go for an agd Bl3wolf ;)


that's cool ;D
You have awesome concepts ;)