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Author 1211
Tags author:1211 dda kradda mod nreality rated rockydrone
Created 2012-07-22
Last Modified 2012-07-22
by 21 people.
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Description Use NReality!

An innovative DDA! The only propulsion the ninja encounters is a Rocky Drone. Also, my first NReality map and DDA. Enjoy!

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very innovative DDA


wtf is a rocky drone? worst dda ever at the beginning you get killed by a seeker drone

loved it

aww yiss

great work, so smooth! 5aved


a beautiful thing ^^


5/5. I was disappointed when it ended.
in my dreams.
I thought, ok... Bring it... Then I saw DDA. And then I thought, oh, oh... this'll be good. AND IT WAS. So brilliant! It looks as if the drone carries the ninja around lightly. It was amazing! :D

Loved it.

great work

try more drones next time?

see, this is good

i hate dda's because they're all the same but everyone acts like they've never seen one before when they 5 it.
but THIS is innovative and unique. fuck, it looks great too.

Prty innovative concept, nice DDA :D
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Demo Data

Elegant tiles

With a bit of necessary chaos in the centre