Where's the Beef?

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Author golfkid
Tags author:golfkid mapdraft unrated
Created 2012-03-13
Last Modified 2012-03-13
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Good Health
15 ‘Five’ Tiles
5 ‘Four’ Tiles
Up to 20 ‘E’ Tiles

Lose A Limb, Or Several
10 Mines
20 Mines
30 Mines
40 Mines
50 Mines

Booster Indeed! by gloomp
5 launchpads

McMap by goatman
Your map must contain subliminal advertising for a fast food joint. (This could be in
the title or description as well as the map itself - your choice)

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the launchpad between the tiles is an interesting and frustrating mechanic
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cool stuff with the launch-pads
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Red Ball

I decided not to bother with the custom names as it didn't look good with the style. I just used your NUMA name.


Click on my profile and look at my e-mail. That'll give you a little hint haha.


Innoved TRO's route ending.
Enjoyable map :D
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Yeah I will

Just a little busy atm.


Hurry up!
Not bad, I mean for a Mapdraft map.
3 for a normal map.

You Came Second In

The Red Ball Gameplay Competition []
On the userbar you get a name that is 1-4 characters long.
What would you like it to be?


A bit of cheatability.
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NUMA is dead. Please use NARC:

AGD. :)

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Is cool and a great map playing here like a playpark, several option, like ck/j and stuff


intended and non cheated route. do not get bored by the cheats, I had fun with them. Don't edit your map, I think is great with them, without them is not bad, but there is much more fun and more challenges are possible with the beefs...
It's turned out quite well, kidgolf :P
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another piece of Beef..
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here's the Beef..
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