00-3 Master Tangerine: Never cut corners

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Author golfkid
Tags author:golfkid unrated
Created 2011-10-12
Last Modified 2011-10-12
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Description The third map in an episode based off of blue_tetris' Master Orange. If you're not familiar with it, its also episode 103 in NReality. The goal is to finish all 5 levels within the normal 90 seconds, as there is no gold in any of them. My twist on this is that the techniques in this episode are a little more advanced than the ones that b_t used.

I will make a ded for the player with the best episode time a week after the last level has been posted.

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Improved Demo

Finally a decent corner kick
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Sub-300 Demo

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Pretty good map, ill go for sub300 after checking the last map
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