Quicksilver jet

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Author deep_blue
Tags author:deep_blue quicksilver race rated
Created 2011-09-29
Last Modified 2011-09-29
by 11 people.
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Description you're quick as jet. you're silver. you're quicksilver jet. a collab with Nudel_. I tried making a race, then he edited it. I continued the route, he edited, and so on. enjoy.

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I know dude :c

but they don't read properly
but just "btw", I MADE THIS. ._.

Agd (underclocked)

I liked this, you should made more race man.
Demo Data


for a first race. A few things to be noted:

The rocket should have some interactivity in the very beginning. It does near nothing there.

Some of the one-ways failed and I found myself running into mines.

The end was just a backwards rerun. Try to avoid this whenever possible.

Pretty fun,

the leftmost mine looks ugly and the trapdoors you activate being bounced off the bounceblocks on the left hand, they're rather unnecessary for me. 3/5
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Rather average race, imo.


Quite enjoyable. I went through the bounceblocks a number of times, but it's not too hard to avoid.
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and look good too. 4/5
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I didn't saw the trapdoors at the bounceblocks. 1 Time they ruined my AGD. Just need to be fast, than this don't can happening. :D
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AGD. Not bad.
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