Alpine Glacier

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Author da_guru
Tags 08 alpineglacier author:da_guru blurredblue playable race rated
Created 2011-09-24
Last Modified 2011-09-25
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description From Blurred Blue []. You will need some speed at the right places.

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poor drone positioning :/
if we talk on IRC. :D
I'm making a map based off of this map (I adapted a tileset and played around with it a bit, hope you don't mind) and I need to make a teleporter (I marked the teleport locations with launchpads, from bottom to the top). Can you make them? Here's the map data:


Cool race
Demo Data

Died at drones.

Demo Data

I'm in agreeance with these fine gents to post before me, a dandy of a map mate!


because I hated the drone speed-limit.
Otherwise it is really well made.
but the flow and the tiles is splendid. 4.5^
Demo Data
...the drones suck.
Demo Data


Demo Data


Demo Data

Demo Data

Pretty cool map.

Demo Data

fast post?