Electric Breakdown

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Author Tacit
Tags author:tacit race rated
Created 2011-07-22
Last Modified 2011-07-22
by 12 people.
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Description It's been a month since I have submitted my last map because I have less and less inspiration for mapmaking. Now I absolutely out of ideas. I don't know what I'll do next but I'm not going stop making maps.

Maybe collab anyone?

EDIT: credit to _destiny^- [] for a bit inspiration.

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first try fbf

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There we go!
Supportive Whirlwinds [] up and running ;)
Good race. Although I'm not as excisted as others

Very good race, although a bit slabish apart from the cool thwump.
Demo Data

This just flows so easily it's epic.

Cool stuff. Recycled ideas recast in a nice light. Faved.
Such an awesome start. I loved this map, particularly because I was able to beat it without much trial and error. I feel like the trap doors were the only part (aside from the thwump, but that's right at the beginning) that really took you by surprise. Perhaps they could've appeared sooner than right before you need them? The gold patterns need a little work, too, but that's an extremely small flaw. All in all, really great work. 5aved, and I haven't done that in a while.

this is sweet

good job brah
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and collab would be cool ;)

Agree with destiny, by far your best!!! 5/5 too


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This is amazing

Your best race to date. Awesome aesthetics, theming, and flow. I'm totally up for a collab, too. 5aved.
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