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Author 1211
Tags author:1211 bestof1211 ctrdda dda droniewinner2011 featured rated
Created 2011-06-07
Last Modified 2013-01-21
by 100 people.
Map Data

Description Two rocket CTR DDA.

Firstly, I want to dedicate this DDA to Life247. [] He has helped me out so much with this like, getting me out of hard areas that were hard to work with and making the tileset. Thank you so much.

Secondly, another dedication to romanaic [] for giving me the data over IRC when Life247 was there. Sorry I forgot mystro, it is also dedicated to you, for playwatching over IRC.

Finally, this is heavily inspired by incluye's CTR called Chase. []

It is 1000 frames, has great chases and awesome to watch. Enjoy!


This map was featured on 2019-01-09

DDA, short for "Don't Do Anything", seem to be a dead art form. Like art, it's difficult to conceive of how one creates a masterpiece such as this. What makes this special is the use of the "prisoner" style, where the ninja is caught between two enemies for a significant portion of the map. The feat itself sounds impossible, and yet 1211 manages to have created something that leaves me in awe. There were many creative, unique, and innovative pioneers of the DDA map that laid the groundwork for 1211. This one set the benchmark for all those to follow. — origami_alligator

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I'm shocked I didn't vote on this last time! What a gem.
I mean, it /did/ win a Dronie and had almost 100 ratings averaging greater than a 4.5, so it didn’t necessarily need to be featured, however... :P

I remember the first time I watched this and I had nearly forgotten about it until I was going through your maps. I’ve been away from NUMA for long stretches but this thing still blows me away and I imagine there’s not much else like it out there.


Haven't made a comment or map in a great while, but it's nice to browse this site occasionally to see what's going on. Seeing this map featured reminded me of the good times I had here back then.

Aah this one.

I can't believe why it wasn't featured earlier. It's so good.
I really want to see ddas come back. Hopefully this inspires some.


Demo Data



The prisoner-style KRADDA/CTRDDA is THE best type of DDA I have ever seen.

5aved again.

I also like how this map has 1000 frames. Seriously, could anyone else pull this off perfectly?

5aved once more.

The close calls in this map were simply EPIC. I don't think any author could replicate this sort of map, ever.

5aved. Again. (btw yes, I can 5ave four times.)



I have just voted Fissure as the dda of the Year! <3
This is amazing, best DDA I've played so far.

So cool...

This is so awesome and i cannot comprehend how you possibly made the rockets do that.

Here is a challenge for you though: try to make one with three rockets, that might be a first, and possibly more awesome than this.


i watch this i smile :)

this is incredible

Best dda ive ever seen.



I couldn't comprehend anything beating it.

Possibly the only dda I have much respect for brilliant use of tiles and rockets were delightful


You deserve all the positive comments your getting. This is amazing.

When it becomes a featured?


I agree completely with OJ. This map is absolutely incredible and it deserves some recognition. Also, (and seriously, come on) scrolling past one map seriously isn't any trouble at all. If you're worried that people won't play your map because it's not on the 'Hot Maps' page, then don't blame the maps that knocked it off; blame the lazy users who don't want to look through any other pages of maps.

Once again, this map is incredible - maps like this are some of the most difficult to make (if not the most), especially with a rocket in front of the ninja and all. If people can't appreciate that a lot of time and effort went into creating this amazing map, I don't really think they should be making any judgments on any map. Now if they actually don't like the map, then that's a different story, but who cannot appreciate a map like this? 5/5. Definitely.

Super hot

The ninja will have burns for dayz with all that rocket exhaust hitting him directly like that. Man, fantastic job all around, and be sure to keep them coming!
It's like you guys don't realise how infrequently a map like this comes along. I haven't seen a map receive this many ratings and as much respect in a long time, and it's a shame that despite this so many comments are about it 'being awkward for other users' and 'staying on the hot maps page for so long'. Maps like this deserve respect, so is it not natural that they stay on hot maps for longer? It's so uncommon to see a map receive such acclaim these days, so it's unfair on 1211 that some of you guys are complaining about it hogging hot maps. It doesn't even affect other users and their maps even if this is top of the page because people would scroll down to play them if they wished, so that argument is completely invalid. Stop complaining and just appreciate that the rarity of maps like this deserve such attention.

now it's out completely... and of course it deserved to stay on top for so long ;)


agree with {bleh}


agree with LUKE
This is an amazing dda and it completely deserves the attention, its not that big of a deal to scroll down a little bit.
It will go down eventually. OJ is right about what he said.

ye because there were 3 new 5 ninja ratings

nope jere... still on top :P

finally it go down
If people gave a shit about all the other maps on here then clearly they would scroll down to find them and check them out. Chances are that most people have seen this now anyway.

This is starting

to be a pain in the ass for other mappers :p


it's still on the hot page

somebody, please take this of hot page... i'm tired of looking at it xD